Your cleaning advisor for tenders, contracts and quality.

Since 1988, ATIR has been advising and supporting companies, governments, health care (hospitals), profit and non-profit organizations and education on issues in the field of cleaning. We provide cleaning advice on cleaning tenders, contracts, quality and training. We are pleased to rightfully call ourselves the “cleaning specialist”. The cleaning advisory services ATIR performs can be divided into six categories: cleaning advice, tenders, contract, quality, training and interim.


Cleaning advice

The advice in cleaning includes cleaning maintenance, management consulting, conducting quick scans, joint venture solutions, cleaning of hospital, calculations and management. In addition to these services, cleaning critical performance indicators and sustainability are included within the advice.



A tender for cleaning will help you select a service provider. Our goal is to aid you in selecting a service provider that best suits your needs, wishes and goals.

We can also develop a vision for you, create cleaning specifications and develop a program of requirements.



A cleaning contract is of great importance for any organization. We will support you in managing your cleaning contract. A cleaning contract may also include the type of contract, the transition and the monitoring of your contract. Our facility dashboard and ATIR View support these contract management activities.



The quality of cleaning should be high. We assist in the creation of quality and we verify this by conducting quality checks. This quality check is important because it monitors the agreements made with your service provider. The quality checks we use are: VSR QMS, NEN 2075, ER-QMS. We further conduct an experience measurement, baseline measurement and object audit on behalf of our clients.



We offer various cleaning training programs. These include hospitality, professional competence and management courses. We also provide workshops. ATIR is currently developing a cleaning training program itself.